“Not Another Number, Korean Adoptees Search for Birth Family”Korea Exposé, October 2017

“Beyond Infantilizing Portraits: South Korean Adoptees Speak Out”Korea Exposé, March 2017

“Planting Rainforests and Donating Rice: The Fascinating World of K-pop Fandom”Korea Exposé, February 2017

“Adoptee Reunions: A Happy Ending Can Be Elusive”Korea Exposé, January 2017

“What You Are”Brevity, September 2016
“What You Are” was also selected for inclusion in Short-Form Creative Writing: A Writer’s Guide and Anthologyedited by H.K. Hummel and Stephanie Lenox, published by Bloomsbury.

Interviews, Etc.

“Writing, Research, and Activism in the Adoption Space” | “Adopted Feels” Podcast, Episode 6

“The Tearful Reunion Myth: Exploring Challenges Korean Adoptees Face While Searching For Their Birth Families” | “Korean Kontext” Podcast by the Korea Economic Institute of America, February 2017